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What if a few simple dance moves could completely shift your emotional state?


What if you could consistently have more positive attitudes like optimism, enthusiasm, passion, openness, certainty and confidence?


Hi, I'm Nneka

Bellydance Teacher & Performer

I am an oriental dance teacher and performer, and I empower women to love their bodies and own their feminine essence through bellydance.

I'm known for being patient, supportive and generous with my knowledge of  Raqs Sharqui technique and styling. 


My uplifting, wholistic approach lets you find your own dance while remaining true to the artform. 

Over the years, I’ve interacted with hundreds of women who have used the mind-body connection in Bellydance to improve their wellbeing, and this is how their life has changed: 

  • Their personal dance practise created a safe space where they could release emotional stress, recharge, reconnect with their true selves and acknowledge their path and purpose.

  • They had a set of wholistic tools that they could use to quickly bring themselves back into balance whenever they felt emotionally off-center. 

  • They fell in love with their bodies and felt more gratitude, confidence and optimism.


Now you can too, with the Upbeat Live Online Masterclass.


Enroll now and save 20% plus get the fast-action bonus warmup video!


My Story

My dance journey started overseas where I got a broad experience of what it means to be a bellydancer. Then I returned to Trinidad & Tobago and tried taking bellydance classes here. 

I wasn’t happy with what I found. It felt competitive, and not in a good way. 

Over the years I noticed that some studios only teach you the moves. Some don’t even teach. They just throw moves at you and it’s your business if you get it. 


I don’t think that’s cool. 


Not everyone is going to be a professional dancer, perfoming commercially. 


Not everyone has a dance background and can pick up the moves right away.


But everyone can learn the fundamentals, enjoy its many benefits and be transformed by the experience. 


The mission of Upbeat is simple… for you to experience bellydance in a way that meets you where you are, and enriches your spirit.


And so, I hope that Upbeat will improve your sense of wellbeing, whether you are a professional dancer, amateur or novice.


The dance I knew was about loving your body and finding yourself by exploring a foreign culture. 

Along the way bellydance gave me many techniques that I could apply in my daily life to make me a more effective and integrated person (basically, more upbeat).  

Let me show you the step-by-step process you will be following in this 4-part live online series.  

Gain a new perspective on how the way you move affects the way you feel. After this module you will be able to choose bellydance movements and rhythms to switch your energy state during your personal practise.




Dance through the chakras. After this module you will be able to use the sacred geometry of bellydance to bring all your energy centers into alignment. 



I Am, I Want...

Day 2

i can do it!

Go deeper into techniques that assist with feeling grounded, and making decisions.  You will be able to move in ways that keep your brain healthy, improve your mindset to see things in new ways and handle complexity.

Day 4


Recap everything plus one new technique to recharge yourself with fresh, wholesome energy. You now have all the tools you need to stay upbeat with bellydance, both onstage and off. 

How does it work?

  1. You sign up (it's only a one time payment, so you will be charged only once)

  2. Immediately after that you will receive an email from me with the zoom link for the class, and a separate email with the fast action bonus.

  3. I will also reach out to you personally to confirm that the timing is okay. The recording will be made available to you after the event in case you had to miss it live for some reason.

  • Is this program suitable for beginners?
    Yes, all Vibe Bellydance Masterclasses are taught as open-level. This means that different skill levels can participate in the class and depending on your level you will get something different out of it.
  • Am I too old/too young for this program?
    It really depends on your level of fitness/mobility and attention span. If you have mobility issues or would like a child under 14 years of age to learn bellydance please contact me directly about special programs.
  • I have no coordination or dance skills. Is that okay?
    There is another program you may want to try first that prepares your body to be more coordinated for dance. Really it’s just becoming aware of the muscles and strengthening them so you can use them on command. Please contact me directly about this.
  • Am I too fat/skinny for bellydance?
    Bellydance is for every body. There are some moves, bellydance styles and costumes that look amazing on a larger frame while others are better on a smaller person. I help you find your dance. So if your doctor says it’s okay, you like bellydance and you think you can do it, then you should join the class.
  • Is this a slow or fast-paced class?
    Moderate speed. It’s not a fitness class so you won’t be out of breath trying to keep up. It’s open skill-level so the moves are achieveable for most persons. But it is a Masterclass so the content proceeds in a dynamic way and you have to stay alert. The purpose is to help you advance your skills in a short time. For a more leisurely pace, try my on demand streaming classes. You may contact me directly about this.
  • What do I need to bring to class?
    1. For online classes you should stream to a large monitor so you can see the movements properly. The screen on your phone or tablet is not big enough. You may want to use external speakers for a similar reason. 2. Find a space big enough to turn around in with an arm and a leg outstretched and not bump into anything. Try to make this space appealing so you feel good dancing in it. A mirror is useful to see yourself doing the moves. 3. A small notebook is helpful so you can remember what you did in the class for practise later. 4. Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in, lets me see what your body is doing and also makes you look and feel beautiful. You don’t have to show you belly.
  • How can I reach you directly?
    You can call or message Vibe Bellydance at (1868) 785-4897.
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“During class time, the outside world would just disappear. The class takes all your focus, but in a fun, relaxing way. It showed me that I didn’t have to be worried or stressed all the time. I can move my body and relax.” 


—  Anna, Student

These classes improve your sense of wellbeing, and it’s also 100% bellydance. Not only do you get the wellness benefits, but your actual bellydancing skills will improve as you explore the concepts. 


We cover everything from the holistic wisdom of ancient cultures, to modern bellydance movement technique and even a bit of arabic music theory. 


I’ve also included a 20% discount and a bonus bellydance warmup video for fast action takers. This structured warmup for bellydance is delivered instantly on demand. 


It prepares your body for bellydance by loosening stiff joints and relaxing muscles so you can connect and flow with the movement.


It will give you that extra edge so you get the most out of the Masterclass by showing up with a body that is limber and ready to go!


What are you waiting for? 


The bonus expires and the price increases in just 3 days... 


Click here to enroll in Upbeat before it’s too late, and save 20% plus get the fast-action bonus warmup video!

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