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Hi, my name is Nneka.

I am a teacher, performer and lifelong enthusiast of Oriental Dance. I love this dance because it is so personal. It gives me the artistic space to connect with myself and explore my femininity.

My goal is to give others the chance to share that joy by discovering the dance within themselves. 

I teach open level technique and fitness classes in oriental dance. We explore a range of Egyptian styles like Fellahi, Baladi, Ghawazee and sometimes outside of Egypt like the Turkish and Khaleeji styles. 


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During classtime the outside world would just disappear. The class takes all your focus, but in a fun, relaxing way. It showed me that I didn’t have to be worried or stressed all the time. I can move my body and relax.

Anna P.

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It was never just to ‘shake up’ and be sexy. We were taught to respect our bodies, the dance and the cultures behind it. It felt authentic, like you were really there (MENA) and I learned a lot about the cultures of the region.

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One of the most surprising things was that I actually could dance! We weren’t just learning the steps, but the dance. At first I wasn’t sure I could do it, but with the attention and support I learned how to improvise dancing to a whole song!

Elisa M.

Michelle K.


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