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Take a virtual trip through the Oriental Map and decode the mystery of how bellydance came to be; what it really is and what it definitely isn't.

Do you ever feel confused about what bellydance is?

Perhaps at one point you were sure you knew exactly what it was. Then as you got exposed to more of the dance you observed things that contradict what you initially thought...but somehow it doesn't all fit neatly together. You want to represent the dance authentically and be respected for your art, but you are not sure what is what.


Can you defend your bellydance passion to your friends /audience /self?

You may not care that much what other people think, except that you don't really have a counter-argument for the silly expectations they may have of bellydance. You don't want to give in to their vapid stereotypes, but you lack the information to validate your instincts.

End the confusion with this classified information available only for a limited time.

Purple 3D Digital Marketing Workshop Twi

Yes, I'd like to join this FREE webinar series!
(live stream dates to be confirmed)

Thanks for signing up! I will contact you soon with the schedule and link.
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